Producing Hokka HokkaTei franchising

HURXLEY CORPORATION produces Hokka Hokka Tei franchise chain stores that are nationally-known for their take-out boxed lunch. HURXLEY CORPORATION develops food-based business operations centering on Hokka Hokka Tei franchise system. It is our resolve to respond to high expectations of our customers, and further develop the circle of Hokka Hokka Tei and community-based food businesses based on our credible marketing and long cultivated know-how.

Franchise network of Hokka Hokka Tei


Aiming to secure growth as the No.1 local store least susceptible to swings in the economy

Hokka HokkaTei is a pioneer in the take-out boxed lunch business and is widely accepted by consumers as “the kitchen in my town”. As a group, we have developed various business models. All of these are growing steadily as the top local businesses with no equal competitors.

To finely respond to diverse needs

Aiming that each Hokka Hokka Tei store becomes useful and satisfactory to our customers, HURXLEY CORPORATION continues to develop new menus and stores that accomodate lifestyle changes and provide services appropriate to trends and social nature. Moreover, it is our desire to bring customer satisfaction through a more localized network of stores by stratigically planning opening stores and the rellocation of existing stores.

We aspire to achieve the top-level sales volume in the industry segment, a recession-proof business model and an expansion of the store network.